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The Board of Three

Analyzing a website also needs human interference. Meaning that a DesignScan could never be 100% accurate by a program alone. That’s why we introduced the voting system for members (designers and developers) as part of the final DesignScan score. Moreover, to get the best of 2 worlds, we launched our Board of Three. The 3 votes of the board will be counted 5 times the regular vote.


Robbert Hagens

Owner/Creative @ PMGToday

Experience as a keyword 
 PMGToday fits her past experience on the developments of today. In effective communication strategies, marketing concepts refreshing and…
+31 (0)33 2858914


Martijn Broeders

CEO/Creative @ 4elements web design & consultancy

We think that every client deserves quality, knowledge, endurance and skills at a decent price, if it comes to picking the right company to build your online…

Martijn Broeders

Owner/Creative @ DesignScan

We DesignScan your website with our self developed tools for: design flaws, usability, GUI, images, code age, a.o., and report back to you with a detailed report on- and…

The Board of Three will change every 3 months and consists of a representative of a commercial/advertising company, a designer or developer, and the owner of