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How about the look & feel of YOUR website?

You may run a top restaurant, own the best real estate agency or lead the most prestigious training firm. But if your site's look & feel don't work together, it has a guaranteed effect on your business. That 'look' is the appearance and perception, the 'feel' is the style and usability. Together they form the face of your company. With DesignScan you instantly know your website score and what your website improvements are.

1063 DesignScans made until today., Get insight in your website.
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Get insight in your website.

Our detailed report will give you insight in your website, like: How old is your website? What is the quality of your current website? How is the functionality of your website? Where do visitors look on your website? What can you do to fix it or would it be easier to start over. will give you answers.

Get Insight, Get insight in your website.
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Scan your site in just 4 steps

Is DesignScan a complicated process? On the contrary! In only 4 steps you have your complete scan: 1) Create your own account. 2) Enter the URL of your website. 3) Pay $249 via PayPal. 4) ..................... If you have any questions, please visit our support section.

Website Owner login Support SignUp, Get insight in your website.
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Use the DesignScan Community

Your scan has been made and your website needs to be upgraded or renewed. Now what? You can work with your own web builder or with the DesignScan Community. As a customer of DesignScan you can use its online platform to post your assignment to professional Designers and Developers. They work individually or in teams on large and small projects, and they work for you.