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  •, Get insight in your website.

    By: Martijn Broeders

    Author Bio: We DesignScan your website with our self developed tools for: design flaws, usability, GUI, images, code age, a.o., and report back to you with a detailed report on- and off-line.

    Work in progress

    • Support;
    • Forum and wiki;
    • Text;
    • Social;
    • Passing 200 designscans;
    • Next;


    We rebuilt our support section from the ground up. Using the latest Bootstrap 3.30 and jquery 1.11.1. The support section is now also viewable with IE8 and higher (and all modern browsers) using html5shiv.js 3.7.2 and respond.js
    - Support section is now responsive, viewable with your computer, tablet and smart phone.
    - Live search, where possible. (results shown while you enter your key word.)


    Forum and wiki:
    The templates codes used for the forum and wiki where old, really old. They both are original modules from ExpressionEngine, maintained but no features added. So what we did, we rebuilt the templates using Bootstrap 3.30. This took time but we think really added that extras we needed.
    - Responsive, viewable with your computer, tablet and smart phone.
    - prefix, specially used in our "Bug Reports" section. 
    - responsive images and video


    We hired a copywriter to rewrite our website text. Now it's even more clear what we do and offer.


    DesignScan is running for 6 months and the internet is already loving us.
    - Facebook 9.900 Likes
    - Twitter 6.600 Followers
    - google+ 653 Likes
    - Pinterest 422 Followers
    - Stumbleupon 221 Likes


    Passing 200 designscans:
    We are proud to announce that we past the 200 DesignScans last week.


    We will start rolling out our new design for the back-end.
    DesignScan pro will be activated and access for the Designers and Developers.

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