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The DesignScan Community:
for designers, developers and you, Get insight in your website.

The DesignScan Community consists of ‘quality guaranteed’ design and marketing agencies from over the world. As client of DesignScan you can place your design or re-design job on this online platform. Simply pick or pitch the right designer and/or developer to do the job. Nearby or abroad, individually or in teams.

Pick or pitch

The DesignScan Community brings two worlds together: that of the industry as a website owner and that of designers and developers as web builders. As a client you can pitch or select your own design and/or develop candidates. On the other hand, designers and developers are able to present their own plan to companies whose websites are DesignScanned. You, as a client, determine with whom you partner. Together you determine the price, without the intervention of DesignScan.