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  •, Get insight in your website.

    By: Martijn Broeders

    Author Bio: We DesignScan your website with our self developed tools for: design flaws, usability, GUI, images, code age, a.o., and report back to you with a detailed report on- and off-line.

    what we’ve been up to….

    • CMS;
    • Image;
    • Optimising;
    • Caching;
    • Passing 100 designscans;
    • Next;

    We upgraded our ExpressionEngine version from 2.7.3 to 2.9.0. ExpressionEngine is the core for DesignScan. This update has first been done on our developer version of so that all problems where solved before moving to the live version.

    It took longer than we participated, but we did it. Lot of modules, plug-ins and extensions needed to be updated or code slightly altered to run with the new EE 2.9.

    • Template codes needed to be altered (due to a new conditionals parser)
    • Testing member section and payment module (mayor update as well)


    From now on we use “lossless” compression for our image compression.



    gifsicle -b -O2 --no-names --no-comments --same-delay --same-loopcount --no-warnings {{path}}
    pngquant --quality=70-85 --ext=.png --force {{path}}
    pngout -q {{path}}
    jpegoptim --strip-all --all-progressive -q {{path}}

    This resulted in significant savings in terms of KB's.

    We combined and minified our stylesheets and javascript files.


    Resulting in appealing 1 stylesheet file and 1 javascript file.
    Our HTML is minified as well, look at our websites source code.

    We use APC (Alternative PHP Cache) as php Opcode.
    Redis for key-value cache and store
    Server: Gzip enabled.



     SizeUncompressed Size
    1 Document7 KB31 KB
    56 Images80 KB80 KB
    0 Objects  
    2 Scripts7 KB246 KB
    1 Style Sheet8 KB505 KB
    60 Files102 KB862 KB

    Passing 100 designscans:
    Great news, we past the 100 DesignScans last week.

    Working on some nice video tutorials, will go live this week.
    Going to complete our support section.

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