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2 in 1:
computer scans and human judgment


  • Design flaws
  • Usability
  • GUI
  • SEO
  • Social

DesignScan developed their own tools for optimizing the review of your website. From design till image and color use, to speed till usability and use of social media. Also the operation of HTML, age of your site and the suitability for search engines (SEO) are included in the analysis.

Human input

And then there is the opinion of our visitors. To complete the evaluation of your site they will be able to vote. This human input plays an indispensable role. Visitors can determine whether or not to use your services based on the opinions of other visitors.

Detailed report

The result is a detailed report with the pros and cons of your website, including tips and tricks to get your site up-to-date. Sometimes the best solution is to start over. In both cases we offer you the opportunity to hire a Designer and/or Developer through our unique platform. Read more about the DesignScan Community.

Better insight

  • Design flaws e.o. / HTML version, age and flaws
  • images age and quality / age of your website
  • Speed of your website / SEO score
  • Social connected / Votes from our community
  • and more.....
Our detailed report will give you insight into the following aspects of your website: • GUI (Graphical User Interface) • Navigation structure • Ease of use • Image sizes • Code analysis for errors • Heat maps for user behavior tracking • Analytics with PiWik • SEO

Vote & earn

  • Earn Credits with website votes / likes / dislikes
  • Earn Credits with forum posts / blog interaction
  • Earn Credits from twitter @designscan
  • Use the credits to upgrade your account
  • Buy advertisements or products
By voting on the DesignScans we made, we know how you as a visitor think of those particular websites. Your vote will be part of the overall DesignScan score as human input. In return we give you credits for every website you vote for. These credits can be spent on for upgrading your account, buying advertisements or spending in our store.


  • Online detailed report with gauges
  • Report downloadable as PDF
Only for website owners who DesignScaned their site, we provide a detailed dashboard with guidance, information and DesignScan results. These results are viewable web based and/or downloadable as PDF.


  • Team-up with designers and developers
  • Work alone, just designers, any combination possible
  • Share the workload and share the income
  • Start your own groups and/or forums
  • Available with our pro and up accounts (live soon)
As a designer or developer you could team-up to work on projects provided by DesignScan, in small groups or bigger teams for larger projects. Our social environment allows you to work and communicate through our platform. We offer you the possibility to:


  • GEO search.
  • Fine tune options.
  • Route planning and more.
  • Special mention of the designers and developers.
    ** live soon
All members (website owners, designers and developers) are included in our GEO search. This gives all members the perfect tools to find each other. Moreover, for the website owner it’s an ideal way to find someone local or abroad. We offer you:

The Pitch*

  • Invite designers and developers (any combination)
  • Special group and forum for your pitch
  • Online presentation
  • Available with our pro and up accounts (live soon)
Website owners who have DesignScaned their site, have the option to write a pitch. Designers and developers can be invited or they can invite themselves to present their plan and design. As a client you determine with whom you partner. Together you determine the price, without the intervention of DesignScan.